Why Do You Need a Leather Case for Your MacBook?

If you always take care of your electronics, chances are you have some form of protection for them. The MacBook is no different and deserves the same or more attention. Using a case is not just about improving the aesthetics or preventing a few scratches, it also prevent water damage that could make your MacBook fail. There’s 2 Qialino cases to choose from and below is a summary of what you can expect from each case:

Sleeve Case

This is quite a handy case to have if you’re often travelling with your MacBook. It has a pouch which you can put all the power cords and accessories. Also, it can be used as a riser to improve ergonomics.


Folio Case

This is a snap-on case which is great for protection the exterior. Easy to install/remove, good ventilation design and does not affect your usage. The case is very slim and does not add bulk to your MacBook.