Why Do You Need An iPad Leather Case?

Depending on your iPad's model and specs, an iPad Mini 3, for example, can cost between $399 – $729. That's not a cheap piece of tech device. Its original exterior shell is quite solid but don't take your chances against accidental drops or scratches, you should have an iPad casing to protect it.

Real leather case isn't just for show or fashion, it's better at dissipating heat than PU cases and feels comfortable to touch. Besides that, there's many practical features that can enhance your experience with your iPad.

Some of our cases come with hand straps

Do you often use iPad with one hand? A hand strap gives you more grip and prevents accidental drops.

Different standing angles

Sometimes you want to view the screen comfortably on a table without holding it. With folding cases, this allows you to position it in different angles depending on your requirements.

Built in slots

This feature is truly useful for the business minded people. Having your business cards and some documents right beside your iPad is very convenient.

Protects against bumps and scratches

This happens very often to handheld devices with big screens. It's usually not stationary and people place it everywhere and often at the edge of flat surfaces. Think of the times when you have dropped it accidentally or might have but didn't.

All of our leathers cases are foldable but some have more flexibility. They are slim and stylish, suitable for daily usage at anywhere and anytime. Click on the categories below to find out more.