Are Universal Cell Phone Cases Suitable For Your Smartphone?

Universal cell phone cases are designed to fit a wide variety of smartphone designs and screen sizes in the market. They have a place in the market because:
  • You can’t find a case for your phone
  • The cases available for your phone aren’t to your liking
  • You want a universal case that fits all your phones and you don’t want to spend more money on cases

Types of Universal Phone Cases

Here’s a few example of universal mobile phone cases you can find at the moment. The case may support most phone models but they might not suit the taste or preference of all people due to its unique design and features.

Suction Cup Type

With the help of multiple tiny or a big suction cup on the case, it’s attached to the back of your case and holds it in place. Normally, they are part of a flip case design.

Clutch/Wallet Type

Just like the common clutch/wallet case, this one is quite similar. It can have different add-on features like window or strap design to make it more convenient. However, its design could add a lot of bulk to your pocket.

Silicone Type

A stretchable and flexible case made with silicone so it can fit anything that you put on to it. Nothing complicated and provides a layer of protection for your mobile phone.

Pouch/Sleeve Type

This type of cases are usually very minimalist, made mainly with leather. Some have card holders outside, others comes with belt clip holster.

Pouch + Wallet Type

At Qialino, we have a case that combines the simple pouch with wallet case design. This means you have the best of both worlds. It’s easy to fit/remove your phone and you get to carry with it cards and money. For more info of this handmade leather pouch + wallet universal phone case, check our website for more info.
Leather Pouch Wallet Universal Phone Case (2)

Will It Suit You?

Whether the universal phone cases mentioned above fit your daily use is the most important question. A silicone or sleeve case are very basic and only serve as a protective layer for your phone. However, if you’re looking for more functionality, you should look at other cases that would fit your requirement better. Also, it won’t fit all types of phones. Some of these cases come in different sizes to fit only a specific range of phone sizes. Do check the universal phone case info thoroughly before buying one.  

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    can you recommend a protective mobile phone case to fit a simple Nokia 310 ? The one produced specifically for the phone has an ineffective magnetic closure mechanism…no good. Your help woulf be much appreciated. Thanks.

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