Are Cell Phone Belt Holsters Out of Fashion?

Do you think cell phone belt holsters are out of fashion now?

Did you know that former President of USA ( Barack Obama ) wears a belt holster for his Blackberry phone? Some people think it’s tacky but many working class find it very convenient for everyday use.

Smartphone sizes are not getting any smaller these days and this adds a lot of bulk to your pocket. Which is also often why people have to take out their phone when sitting down. When it’s time to move, sometimes they forget to put it back in their pockets and end up losing it.

Depending on your working environment, phone holsters may benefit you a lot. Example, a taxi driver who is constantly going in and out of his car will often find his/her phone dropping on the car seat or outside of the car. A medical person in a hectic hospital environment who checks his/her phone for emergency updates frequently might find it very useful too.

Unfortunately, having a phone holster on your belt makes you look old or unfashionable. While looking stylish in some environments are appropriate, others not so much. So sometimes function over fashion is more important.

In conclusion, there must be a trade off when trying to balance fashion and functionality. Phone holsters aren’t that stylish but they provide a convenient way to access and store your phone in one place.


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