5 Reasons Why You Need An iPad Case

1. So you don’t have to hold it with two hands

An iPad case with hand strap will fix this issue.

student_ipad_school - 005

2. So you don’t hog the iPad

Foldable iPad cases free up your hands and allow your case to stand by itself on the table for more people to see.  student_ipad_school - 070

3. So you don’t sprain your neck

This is a common problem for tablet users. iPad cases allow different standing angles for typing and reading. student_ipad_school - 232

4. So you don’t sit in awkward positions

Again, the hand strap and folding feature will help you get a better viewing angle. student_ipad_school - 075

5. Because your cat might scratch it

For some reasons, they like hitting the screen with their cat paws. Protect your expensive tech device with a case cover.  Day 241: Red

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