3 Awesome Movie Inspired iPhone Cases

If you’re a big comic fan or movie buff, have a look at these 3 absolutely out of this world iPhone cases.

1. Batman Batmobile Tumbler iPhone 6 Case

This is one of Bandai’s crazy case series. It’s a very detailed reproduction of the car from Tim Burton’s Batman movies. Not only does it have an LED lighting, it also features a projector for the famous bat signal.




2. Iron Man Mark XLII Protective Case iPhone 5/5s

This iPhone case’s design is based on Iron Man’s Mark 42 design. It was featured in Iron Man 3. Arc reactor LED lights come on when incoming calls are received.



3. Back To The Future II DeLorean Time Machine iPhone 6 Case

The DeLorean car was made famous by the famous movie trilogy, Back To the Future. When there’s a call or message coming in, the headlights and back wiring system lights up.




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